Krefeld and us.

For our client, the Berufsgenossenschafft Holz und Metall, we shot last week at Outokumpu in Krefeld. Under the slogan “Responsibility fits you“, we put personal protective equipment in a slightly different light. Our target group knows that personal protective equipment has to be worn. But we want to positively encourage their self-perception: PSA fits you because it fits you to take responsibility – for you, your family and your future. We had a great time, with a great team, in a great…

6 days 6 cities

The FastLane Fun Tour on tour through Germany in Augsburg, Ulm, Oelde, Dusseldorf, Moers and Wuppertal; Berlin coming soon on 19.12.2017. Many thanks to a great team: Nicolai Mehring Marcus Lauterbach Steffen Heidenreich Mark Romaine Sven Junge und der wunderbare und unvergleichlich großartige Hannes


The art of preparation. The danger of accidents is especially high in the companies of the wood and metal processing industry. Therefore, precise planning in advance is essential. All the more important that we were able to visit the relevant companies in advance. Many thanks to Krefeld and Neuss for this impressive insight into the world of metalworking. Together with the BGHM we look forward to the challenge to shoot this project. Many thanks to the great director Steffen Heidenreich.


Not only in cultured pearl business is the credo, good things take time. With SERVICE & SMILE Mercedes-Benz is now presenting a suitable service for the older models. Audiovisually we accompanied our customers in the B2B as well as in the B2C area. On the one hand, we have developed an appealing product film for B2B communication, which presents the advantages of the new service offer in a modern and innovative way. On the other hand, in the B2C communication,…

Simply Connectivity.

The explanatory films for our client Mercedes-Benz Vans are ready. Within just one month, from the first acquaintance talks to the three finished, individual films. But since we did not just want to make ordinary explanatory films (this would not have been fair to the subject), our concept was to visualize the world of connectivity. Through 3D animations we leave the “real world“ to explain the complex issues of the client using 2D animations. Each film begins and ends with…

We remain connected.

Together with the Mercedes-Benz Department Marketing Operations Europe, we are implementing an exciting project. True to their motto Integrated Marketing Power for Vans, we are thinking new ways of explanation clips. In order to illustrate the topic of holistic connectivity solutions for B2B customers, we create several “Explainers”, which contain 2D, 3D and real film parts. With the great Director of Photography Leigh Lisbão Underwood, we shot the main part of the real picture sequence yesterday in Berlin. With the…

Mainz. Pitch. Bähm.

A new customer is like a new love. We are looking forward to welcome the BGHM as a new customer. We were able to convince with our concept „responsibility suits you“. Thank you for the shown confidence and the great day in Mainz. We look forward to cooperation. The statutory accident insurance companies for the entire economic area within Germany are the professional trade cooperatives. These account for around 42 million insured persons in about three million companies. The Berufsgenossenschaften…

Successful premiere

Last weekend, our film „Echte Erfolgsgeschichten” celebrated its premiere at the 32nd ADAC-TRUCK-GRAND-PRIX. The entire campaign, whose wording for which we assume responsibility, was a complete success. We look forward to further projects and thank Mercedes-Benz for their trust and cooperation.

Real Success Stories

With Mercedes-Benz Trucks we welcome a new client. Thank you for trusting us in developing a new recruiting film for future truck mechanics. The shortage of skilled professionals in Germany presents new challenges for employers. The recruiting of new employees has become more complex and challenging. Therefore marketing measures must be conceived cross-medially and designed for different channels. Here, we supported our client in elaboration of the overall concept and also developed a recruiting film, which works as a single…

It’s us. Let’s face it.

“If testosterone-driven students start a company right after graduating from university, it’s never a good idea. Especially not when it’s called FastLane. But I checked last week…the website doesn’t exist anymore. So, you see… *smugly smirking*”