Simply Connectivity.

The explanatory films for our client Mercedes-Benz Vans are ready. Within just one month, from the first acquaintance talks to the three finished, individual films. But since we did not just want to make ordinary explanatory films (this would not have been fair to the subject), our concept was to visualize the world of connectivity. Through 3D animations we leave the “real world“ to explain the complex issues of the client using 2D animations.

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Each film begins and ends with real film parts, draws the viewer through three-dimensional tunnel animations into the explanatory 2D worlds, thus linking all levels – just like the product itself: Mercedes PRO connect.

Connectivity, that’s the point. We connect to the digital world every day via our smartphone, and we take advantage of it. “The world around us is constantly changing. This is why it is time to rethink the future of mobility“, commented the first explanatory film and opened the world of connectivity solutions from Mercedes-Benz Vans.

This is a nice project, in which, together with our client, we have thought about explanatory film a new way.